Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Unseen Pain

When I first applied for a job at a retail store it seemed like it would be easy, no work to take home, a social environment, an illuion of once the store closes i leave. But I was completely wrong, I am a closer meaning i have to pick up where the morning crew left off, see they have it a little easier than the closers because once the closers come in they get to leave, we as the closers have to finish cleaning the store and the daytime projects that are involved. The biggest problem is when either there is a scheduling error or the daytime associate fails to do their job the managers that are closing are not willing to take any excuses, even though it is just the limits of man against time. As the day progresses there is an emotional stress that grows whether it be anger or sadness or even being tired, and this emotion needs to maintain hidden from the customers in order to ensure that they'll be back, a face of happiness to each customer that walks in, a face that holds the crying faces of the abused humans who stand there and serve them from clocking in till after they have left, the store is recovered and we are finally allowed to clock out.